XipStick Portable Optimizer

XipStick™ is a self-contained portable wireless optimizer designed for the Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) user, providing accelerated data throughput and faster response times in a palm sized device.
XipStick™ enables significant new applications to be delivered over the MSS network for key users in Oil and Gas, Mining and Construction, Media, Governments and Disaster Response.
XipStick™ is a full function wireless optimizer enabled by XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS). Using standard-based SCPS-TP and IETF protocol acceleration in combination with XipOS streaming data compression, MSS users can increase throughput by 50% to 300% for all TCP applications by simply installing XipStick™ in-line between the PC and the wireless modem.
XipOS includes an on-board IPSec client, supporting optimization for encrypted and unencrypted users, while XipOS Transport Controls (XTC) and web object pre-fetching enhance the user’s wireless web surfing experience.


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