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EasyLINK idea arises from gathering the current convergence towards IP technology, as well as the incoming of WiMAX technology.

In order to satisfy many needs, the EasyLINK can be equipped with different technologies. This is true for the radio interface, as well as for the data interface.
Regarding the radio interface, EasyLINK can use WiMAX, or SHF - PDH technologies.

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The WiMAX EasyLINK adopts the superior OFDM radio technology in 3.5 GHz licensed bands or in 5 GHz unlicensed bands, to overcome the need of Line Of Sight (LOS) links. In this way, the link can work also in NLOS, getting over the multipath effect, typical in urban environments.

The SHF - PDH technology is the ideal solution when the need is to transmit a large amount of IP data in LOS conditions.



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