EasyFLYSAT includes all the features of a fly-away system in a very compact quickly-on-the-air satellite click the picture for the brochurepackage and combines easy one-person operation with exceptional technical performances allowing live broadband transmissions from virtually anywhere in the world.



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Temix has designed many versions of EasyFLYSAT:


The Terminal is equipped with two RJ45 10/100 base-T ports and works as an ordinary
LAN for email, FTP, VoIP and data streams.

The MPEG4 Terminal integrates all the features giving an MPEG4 streaming up to 4Mbps (satellite performance depending) ideal for
FAST Contribution of Live Contents from remote sites.

The DVB-S or DVB-S2 Terminal integrates all the features to support, in a single easily transportable package, a digital video MPEG2 broadcasting up to 9 Mbps.

The Self Powered model is suited for very extreme applications where energy is not available. The SP terminal includes all the features of EasyFLYSAT family with the addition of a Lithium Polymer Battery Pack, that allows a continuous use up to 30 hours.

The WiMAX terminal integrates the most advanced terrestrial wireless technology to interface it with Temix’s EasyLINK units, in 3.5 GHz licensed band or in 5 GHz unlicensed band.

EasyFLYSAT - Backhaul provides a very flexible solution for connecting a Picocell BTS into an existing remote hub and then routing signals over a satellite connection into a ground station to connectivity for GSM and TETRA.





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