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Ultram Technologies Ltd., was founded in 1988, is a sales and marketing organization with a very strong technical background. Ultram employs highly skilled sales and application engineers, presenting many years of experience in the sales design and support of electronics, RF, microwave devices and assemblies and selected test equipment and software products, for the electronics industry in Israel.                                                                    

Strategic alliances with various customers and  service providers add multidisciplinary problem-solving capabilities to the firm's impressive armada. During our years in business, we have established very good working relationships with a vast range of professional and commercial customers in Israel. We maintain excellent contacts with purchasing and managerment departments, program managers, design and quality control engineers and directors at systems manufacturing facilities and end-user sites, as well as with service providers and integrators. Ultram Technologies is also capabale of performing various levels of assembly projects, subcontracting and installation missions.
Ultram Technologies – In Satellite communications: With our experienced technical and applications engineering staff, Ultram Technologies, could offer turn key services, such as designing stationary and mobile Satellite stations, including the complete necessary vertical integration of the various building boxes, adhering to our customer's needs, including the upgrades of existing installations .

Our mission would not end by only completing the design and the construction of the Base station, but would continue with the testing and receiving the approval to access Eutelsat Intelsat and other such organizations, as required.
Being a well established Representative and distributor organization, presenting a reputable record in servicing the commercial  markets in Israel and worldwide, for almost 30 years now, Ultram also offer a variety of devices and modules for the Satcomm OEM and end users, such as BUCs, power amplifiers, Antennas, Waveguide devices, Coaxial cables and Modems.

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